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L.E.A.D. Talks 2017

Leadership. Education. Achievement. Development. This year our coaches agreed to dedicate the L.E.A.D. discussions to the memory of Sam A. Moreno.  Sam and his wife, Genie, would annually visit our participants at SMU to share a little bit of their knowledge and experience.  Sam was a civil rights leader in Dallas and part of a group of Hispanic leaders called the “Dirty Dozen”.  He was never in the limelight, but always the intellectual thinker in the background.  In 1984 I met Sam as a high school sophomore.  I had never heard of NHI and I had no idea he was on the Board of Trustees of NHI.  He called Ernesto Nieto who contacted my high school and that summer I attended the Texas LDZ.  Throughout the years Sam was a mentor to me and my wife.  I could always rely on Sam for words of wisdom filled with humor.  He was a very spiritual and religious man who felt a great sense of obligation to people and to his community.  Unfortunately, we lost Sam this past summer but he will always remain a part of NHI Greater Dallas.  I am very proud of my coaches for honoring the legacy of Sam A. Moreno in our L.E.A.D. discussions.

- George Rodriguez